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Matcha Kari

“In 2007 we traveled to Japan on a business trip and first experienced traditional matcha and fell in love with it. We were taken by the beauty of matcha, the deep umami flavor, and how intertwined matcha's story has been within Japanese culture for over 1,000 years. Matcha originated in China but quickly found its way to Japan through traveling Zen monks. Monks discovered that drinking matcha would keep them alert and awake during long periods of sitting mediation. Due to its many health benefits matcha was considered a vital medical elixir in the Japanese pharmacopeia - revered for increasing longevity and general wellbeing. Fast forward to today and matcha continues to be the most consumed beverage in all of Japan. 

When we left Japan we wanted to continue our journey with Matcha but surprisingly we were unable to find good matcha is the US. Thus MatchaKari was born! We were determined to import the best matcha we could find with the goal of sharing our experience and appreciation for great quality matcha. To us, it's not just about the matcha - we also wanted to offer people a delicious, experiential and health alternative to coffee and sugary energy drinks.”

About the founders : André Fasciola and Dr. Andrew Weil founded MatchaKari, to deliver health-centric, high-quality Japanese matcha green tea. Co-creating MatchaKari was just a natural progression of their 20-year friendship — a bond forged with a shared vision of the delivery of healthy alternatives to mainstream coffee and sugary drinks.

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